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  • Ice Cream Factory | Olá
  • Ice Cream Factory | Olá

Ice Cream Factory | Olá

Profession/Role: Food Engineer

In our ice cream factory visitors will produce their own ice cream meeting the various steps associated, since the selection of shapes and flavors for the ice cream to the understanding of the freezing industry. At the end of the activity they will take the product of their work.

Educational Objectives

1. To understand the process of industrial production of an ice cream;
2. To promote the identification, understanding and articulation of the physical, natural and technological elements that contribuTe to food production in an industrial context;
3. To identify shapes, features and changes that occur on food;
4. To recognize differences between technical equipment and symbolic cultural language used in the domestic and industrial context;
5. To promote the acquisition of knowledge concerning the safety rules and food hygiene in handling food and utensils.