Who may enter KidZania?

A: KidZania is a family oriented Theme Park where all are welcome to enjoy themselves.In addition to the family, the park is also aimed at schools, for all activities respect the concept of edutainment (both of a recreational and educational nature), with all their contents being aligned with the school programmes, thus enabling study visits to KidZania to become excellent opportunities to complement school education in a stimulating and interactive environment.

What kind of activities can children do at KidZania?

A: KidZania offers children the opportunity to explore the world in a highly realistic environment, which simulates adults’ real life situations in a city built to scale. In this city children can be actors, policemen, firemen, doctors, journalists, airline pilots, among many other professions.

What is the KidZo?

A: The KidZo is KidZania’s official currency, being an important tool for children to learn how to manage money. It is necessary to work in order to earn money and also to know when and where to spend it.

What do the adults while the kids have fun?

A: Although it is a venue where children are the key players, parents also have fun, as they can enjoy the unique atmosphere that KidZania has to offer and, above all witness the experiences that their children will live. As an audience, they may also participate in the activities of the Television Studio, Theatre and Stadium, and may be passengers on the airplane and Tourist Bus. KidZania also offers an exclusive room for adults, providing them with reading area, home cinema, internet and bar. In the case of the youngest children, there are a number of activities in which parents can tag along; on Sunday adults can realize the dream of becoming a child again by actually immersing themselves in around fifteen occupations along with the little ones.

Can I leave the park and return later, while my child has fun?

A: Yes, temporary exits are permitted to adults as long as accompanied by children aged eight or above. In case you are accompanying children under the age of 8, such will only be possible if the presence of at least 1 adult of the family inside the park is ensured

How does KidZania’s security system work?

Inside the theme park activities are closely monitored by qualified entertainers and the city also has an access control system for children and adults.

What are the opening hours of KidZania Lisboa?

R: Clique aqui para ver os horário da KidZania.

What is best way to reach KidZania Lisboa?

R: Clique aqui para ver como chegar à KidZania.

What are the prices for admission to KidZania Lisboa?

R: Clique aqui para ver os preços da KidZania.

What is included in KidZania Lisboa’s admission ticket?

A: The admission ticket grants access to the recreational and educational activities available in the park, with the exclusion of any other additional service, namely food and beverages, festivals and events, photography service and video recording, KidZitting service, wifi service, lockers, among others.

Can I buy the KidZania tickets in advance?

A: Yes, you can easily and conveniently purchase your KidZania tickets in advance, by using one of the following options:

- TicketLine online ticketing or directly from a Ticketline network partner

- CTT online ticketing or directly at one of around 1,000 Post Offices.

- KidZania National Store (KidZania merchandising store located outside the park, at Dolce Vita Tejo).

- Tickets can also be purchased directly at the KidZania ticket office, upon availability, on the day of the visit.

What is the Family Ticket [Bilhete Família]?

A: The Family Ticket [Bilhete Família] is available exclusively through the TicketLine Distribution Networks and CTT for advance purchases and consists of 4 admissions (2 Adults + 2 Children) with the main benefit to the customer being a significant discount relative to the sum of the individual tickets.

This type of ticket is not sold directly at the KidZania ticket office.

Can we take food to KidZania?

A:  You are not allowed to enter the park with food or beverages. The park has facilities for such purpose.

Are there food outlets inside the park?

A: Yes, there are two such outlets inside the park, where visitors can purchase lunch menus and other miscellaneous cafeteria items.

Are there are guides to accompany visitors?

A: No, the monitors KidZania are at the facilities, in order to monitor and support the development of the children's activities. There are also co-ordinators on the city streets, who provide information or guidance to visitors, if necessary. However, guided tours are not held, since the very concept of KidZania is focussed on promoting in children attitudes and skills such as autonomy and intellectual curiosity. Nevertheless, in certain situations visitors may use a monitoring service called KidZitting.

What is the KidZitting service?

A: KidZitting is a monitoring/sitter service for children over 6 years, who may thus enter the park without an accompanying adult. The monitoring is performed by an exclusive monitor responsible for a group of up to 12 children. The KidZitting service is subject to availability, at an additional cost of € 12.50 to the admission ticket, and includes a meal.

Additional information on this service may be obtained directly at the KidZania Airport.

What is the average length of a visit?

A: KidZania recommends that the visit have duration of at least 3 hours; however, the visitor’s stay is not limited, provided it is does not exceed the park’s of opening hours.

At what time do the day’s last activities start?

A: In certain situations the day's last activities start 30 minutes before the park’s closing time.

How do I plan and schedule a Birthday Party?

R: Clique aqui para informações sobre Festas de Aniversário.

How do I plan and schedule a Study Visit?

R: Clique aqui para informações sobre Visitas de Estudo.

Where can I find the complete Regulation of KidZania Lisboa?

R: Clique aqui para consultar o regulamento completo do parque.