KidZania is a theme park aimed at families with children aged 3 to 15. In this city, built to their scale, children can "play adult" in a highly realistic environment.

They can choose from over 60 different professions, in replicas of the most representative establishments of an actual city: airport, factories, theatre, shops, racetrack, police station, fire department, press, TV studio, stadium and many others. The activities are designed to be both fun and pedagogical, based on the concept of edutainment (education + entertainment). The contents follow the school curriculum and seek to teach values and citizenship, thus helping children to live healthily in society.


In KidZania the official currency is the kidZos, with which citizens will be able to access various services within the city (supermarket, hairdresser, rent-a-car, etc.) or even shopping in the kidZos store.

To earn kidZos children will have to work in their favourite professions and their efforts will be rewarded. Children will have to manage their own money, which they may keep their KidZania bank account for withdrawal in an ATM at their next visit. After all, money does not grow on trees.


In KidZania safety and security come first.

Not only are the activities closely monitored by qualified entertainers, but the city also has an access control system for children and adults.